Thursday, June 30, 2016

WARNING !! Orchard Music SCAM on YouTube !!

Apparently there is some kind of copyright scam going on over at YouTube whereby an entity know as "Orchard Music" is claiming ownership of certain band videos, even though they have NO connection to the bands whatsoever.  Not sure HOW this is even able to happen but it is.  If ANYONE encounters a problem like this involving ANY of the bands on the Metallic Media label please contact us & we will do whatever it takes to set the record straight.  Below is a scan of a form we had to submit on behalf of the band Solitude Project just so that they could get the rights back to their OWN material.  Unreal.  Shame on you Orchard Music for claiming art you never had anything to do with !!

1 comment:

  1. They got me too about two years ago. Pissing me off because it's for a video that I made myself using my own footage that I shot and with music that I recorded. I pleaded my case with YouTube in an appeal, but they won't release it back to me. YouTube just sucks.